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Beloved Survivors, Warriors, Allies, Activists, Organizers, Artists, Healers, Visionaries, Sisters and Friends,

In October 2007 people all over the United States gathered physically and in spirit to speak out against violence against women of color. Some of us wore red all day and explained that we were reclaiming and reframing our bodies as a challenge to the widespread acceptance of violence against women of color. Some of us wrote powerful essays about why we were wearing red and posted them on the internet. Some of us gathered with bold and like-minded folks and took pictures, shared poetry and expressed solidarity.

Women of Color Wearing Red

This year, on the first anniversary of the Be Bold Be Red Campaign, we invite you to make your bold stance against the violence enacted on women and girls of color in our society visible. In D.C., Chicago, Durham, Atlanta and Detroit women of color will be gathering to renew our commitment to creating a world free from racialized and gendered violence, and this time, we’ll be using a new technology called CyberQuilting to connect all of these gatherings in real time. To learn more about CyberQuilting, which is a women of color led project to stitch movements together using new web technologies and old traditions of love and nurturing, visit www.cyberquilt.wordpress.com.

This letter is an invitation for you and yours to participate in a gathering in your city on Thursday, October 30th that will be webcast to similar gatherings in other cities. We are calling on you because we recognize and appreciate the work that you and the organizations you work with are doing everyday to make this a more loving and less violent world for women and girls in oppressed communities. Please join us on October 30th so that other warriors in this struggle can be strengthened and affirmed by the energy of our collective ferocity! Also we will upload the video of the video conference on this website on October 31, 2008 so that everyone can see what happened during video conference.

If you are not located in D.C., Chicago, Durham, Atlanta and Detroit for the webcast, you can still participate by wearing Red on October 30, 2008 and send us your pictures to beboldbered@gmail.com

Also we are asking once again that people wear Red on October 30, 2008 and send us your pictures to beboldbered@gmail.com

As we receive them we will upload your pictures under “Red Pictures Today.”

Also, as well as to share your stories of Red on this website under “Why are you wearing Red on October 30, 2008.”

So, are you ready?!

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  4. Greetings comrades!

    Black Women, Blow The Trumpet! stands in solidarity with you on this vitally important issue.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

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  7. I wanted to put this video on my blog today to help remind people but I cannot find the embed code. Where is it?

  8. this is the weirdest thing. i can’t get the code to embed in my blog and can’t watch the video. is the video elsewhere, like Blip.tv or YouTube?

  9. […] Are there events happening in your city?? Event Title: “Be Bold Be Red: Speaking out against violence enacted on women and girls of color” During this event we will discuss the issues, concerns and rights of women/girls of color through poetry, song, dance and stances! The event will include a focus on facilitating our involvement in the INCITE! track at the AMC and also entail a five city – Atlanta, DC, Chicago, Detroit, and Durham – video conference to speak out against violence against women, and show how new emerging cyber technologies can advance the work and activism of women of color. Sponsors: Detroit Summer, Allied Media Projects (AMC), Think Girl, Alternatives For Girls, Critical Moment, and Be Bold Be Red: The Cyberquilting Experiment Women of Color Network The event will take place in the evening at The New Detroit Summer Studio at the 555 Gallery, between 6:30pm-8:30pm/est on October 30, 2008. […]

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  12. This morning I asked how to embed the video in your post to help spread the word, since I cannot find the embed code, and my question seems to have been deleted without answer. I would like to embed the video listed below the caption “Please share the Video Below!!!” but cannot find the code to embed it. Can you please provide this? thank you.

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