List of 2007 Supporters: Women of Color Organizations and Others!!


We are in the process of contacting and working with women of color organizations to get their support for Wearing Red on October 31, 2007 because we recognize that we are just amplifying the work they do everyday to help end violence against women of color.

List of Supporters as of 10/31
Women of Color Organizations
Women of Color United: a Coalition of Women of Color working to Eliminate VAW and HIV&AIDS Globally.
The National Organization of Sisters of Color Ending Sexual Assault (SCESA)
Ella’s Daughters
Chicago Foundation for Women
Aqua Moon
Incite: Women of Color Against Violence, DC
The Baitul Salaam Residence for Abused and Neglected Women and Children
Sisters4Sister, Inc.
University of Chicago‘s Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP)

Chicago‘s Pillar of Love Fellowship Church

YWCA Metropolitan Chicago/Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline

The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Revelations, Inc.

Muslim Women’s Center of the Capital District

The Southwest Youth Collaborative and SOUL (sisters organized for united leadership)


Friends of Justice

Religious and Faith Communities

The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference, Inc.

The National Council of Churches

Ray of Hope Nashville (Rev. Espinoza and Dr. Weems)

Claudette Copeland Ministries

Ray of Hope Christian Church (Rev. Cynthia Hale)

National Consortium of Black Women in Ministry
Nia Online, (www.niaonline.com)
Something Within, (http://somethingwithin-rjweems.blogspot.com/)
Anxious Black Woman,
The New Black Man, (http://newblackman.blogspot.com/)
What about Our Daughter,
Rachel’s Tavern, (http://www.rachelstavern.com/)
Egotistical Whining (htt://animeg.blogspot.com/)
The Seal Press Women’s Interest Blog, (http://www.sealpress.com/blog.php)
Leftist Looney Lunchbox, (http://leftistlooneylunch.blogspot.com/)
Feminist Philosophers, (http://feminsitphilosophers.wordpress.com)
Free Style Magazine, (http://freestylemagazine.blogspot.com/)
Feminist Peace Network

  1. Electronic Village speaks in support of your efforts to end violence against our women…

    peace, Villager

  2. I’ve already begun organizing on my campus; you definately have my support.

  3. You have my support. I hope to encourage enough faculty,staff and students in my campus to join in this noble campaign.

  4. You have my support. I work for the Iowa Department of Corrections and the email I received regarding wearing red on 10/31 has been forwarded to our entire department!

  5. As Salaamu Alaikum,

    Count us in! List us under religious/faith supporters.

    ma salaam

  6. Hi,
    We just wanted to send you a heads up that our group will be wearing RED on October 31st. We are a group of ten African American women called the Red Hot Mamas of Syracuse, New York. We started as a book club but expanded into community service and now activism. We are the impetus for Syracuse University bringing a female speaker here in March who was originally from Haiti and was a victim of human bondage and human trafficking. We are well aware of the violence perpetrated against women of color and support your efforts to get this issue the attention it deserves.
    Thank you.
    Pam Testone, Facilitator
    The Red Hot Mamas

  7. Filling in the Gaps in American History (FIGAH), Inc. is a supporter. People of African descent who do not usually appear in text books very much include women who had their personal and reproductive choices taken away along with their names, languages, religions and more. This did not end once enslavement was said to have ended as women of color continue to be disrespected and demeaned. Wearing red on October 31st along with sisters across the nation will be a pleasure.
    Jacqui C. Williams
    Founding Director

  8. We are in support of the efforts and will be wearing Red. We also would like to participate and help with the rallies in the Atlanta area.

  9. […] women of color in the fight against violence. Today, you can show your solidarity by wearing red, attending an event, or otherwise taking action. You can find out more at Document the Silence. Here’s a snippet […]

  10. Greetings ~

    I know most of you do not live in Philadelphia . However, I’m sure there at least some of you who know folks who live and/or work in Philadelphia . If you do, please spread the word and encourage folks to attend the press conference and equally if not more importantly encourage folks to voice their opinions at the polls, in Philadelphia , on Tuesday, November 6, 2007.

    THE FOLLOWING IS BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS and Judge Teres Carr Deni should not be allowed to serve another day in court.

    In Struggle,

    ************ ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********* ********


    Thursday November 1, 2007


    Outside Municipal Court ( Criminal Justice Center )

    1301 Filbert St , Philadelphia

    Monday October 29, 2007

    To the Editor:

    We were appalled to learn that on Oct 4 Municipal Judge Teresa Carr Deni dropped all rape and assault charges in the case of a woman gang-raped at gunpoint. Because the woman was working as a prostitute, Judge Deni decided that she could not have been raped and changed the charge to “theft of services.” Deni later said that this case “minimizes true rape cases and demeans women who are really raped.”

    As groups organizing against rape and in support of victims, we could not disagree more. All women have the right to protection from violence. The idea that any woman is “asking for it” is a lie that we fought for decades to destroy. It is especially offensive to see it revived by a female judge, who reached her position as a result of the women’s movement and is now using her power to deny justice to the most vulnerable women.

    Deni told Daily News columnist Jill Porter that the victim met another client before reporting the rape. We have learned that this is completely untrue; the transcript of the hearing proves it. For a judge to make a false (and self-serving) accusation against a victim in the press, in addition to her prejudiced and reckless contempt for women’s safety, confirms that she is unfit to serve. The outcry following Deni’s decision shows how out of step with public opinion she is and that most people believe that prostitute women deserve the same protection from violence that we all have a right to expect.

    No woman is safe when prostitute women aren’t safe. Serial rapi sts and murderers often target prostitute women knowing that they are more likely to get away with it. Labeled criminals by the prostitution laws, women are less likely to report violence for fear of arrest themselves. When sex workers do report, the violence is often dismissed. Here, the same man and his friends gang-raped another woman four days later. Decisions like Deni’s are a green light for further attacks.

    The victim in this case was a Black single mother with a young child. In Philadelphia , where one in four people lives in poverty and welfare has been almost completely dismantled, many women have been forced into prostitution to survive. This should not make them fair game for rapi sts .

    We are glad that the District Attorney is pursuing the original rape charges. The public can make our voices heard in the November 6 election: vote “No” on the retention of Teresa Carr Deni as Judge of the Municipal Court of Philadelphia.

    Mary Kalyna

    On behalf of

    Global Women’s Strike

    Philadelphia , PA


    Women Against Rape

    US PROStitutes Collective

    Black Women’s Rape Action Project (BWRAP)

    Legal Action for Women

    Every Mother is a Working Mother Network

    Wages Due Lesbians

    Payday Men’s Network

  11. I received this information late. I posted the links on facebook, delicious, etc.

  12. Please add the Albany NY Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. as a supporter!

  13. Definitely feel free to add the Society of Young Leading Women (SYLW) as a supporting organization. This issue will be stopped with full cooperation by all women!

  14. BLACK WOMEN BLOW THE TRUMPET joins you on April 30th in raising awareness of this important and critical issue!

    As a daughter whose mother was brutually murdered in a senseless tragedy…

    As a minister who is called by the hospital staff to the E.R. when a woman is raped…

    As a black women who has experienced violence first hand…

    I thank you, and all of the ladies who have written comments here, for blowing the trumpet!

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


  15. Feminists of Smith Unite!, Smith College’s feminist organization definitely supports this cause and will be encouraging our members to wear red.

  16. You definitely have my support all the way!!!

    Coming Soon! http://establishedinstrength.webs.com

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